Love Only: The Most Beautiful Romantic K-Dramas

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The Hollywood film industry has been spoiling romantic comedies less and less lately, as the genre has been superseded by horror movies and action thrillers. In Korea, on the other hand, romantic comedies are still alive. But it isn’t without changes: love stories are often mixed with other genres – for example, detective or fantasy. These stories are so thrilling that you cannot stop watching them or turning them on in the background and playing at at the same time. These K-dramas are perfect for those who miss beautiful love stories and couples with incredible chemistry.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Lee Young-Joon is the vice president of a large family company. He is so rich and confident in his irresistibility that he barely notices the people around him. But one day his faithful secretary, Kim Mi-so, who has worked with him for nine years, announces her dismissal. The young woman dreams of a quiet, peaceful life: having a family and children, but with her work schedule, when all her personal time is devoted to the vice president, it’s incompatible. To keep Kim Mi-so, without whom Lee Yong-joon is like without hands, he proposes to her. That’s how their love story begins. Or did it start a little earlier?

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is one of the most famous and highest-rated dramas on Korean TV. Though the plot is rather prosaic and full of clichés. So, what’s the secret of this story’s success? It’s a gorgeous duo of top Korean actors Park So-jung and Park Min-young. Their on-screen pairing turned out to be so convincing that they fell in love with millions. The plot is filled with beautiful and sensual moments that make butterflies flutter in your stomach and make your face blur into a smile. The humor here is excellent. And not to forget the bright and lovable supporting characters, without whom this drama would lose half of its charm.

True Beauty

Schoolgirl Lim Ju-kyung was repeatedly bullied by her classmates because of her “imperfect” appearance. She decides to start her life over at her new school. With the help of video lessons Ju-gyeong learned how to disguise her flawed skin with makeup and changed her glasses for lenses. The new look was a success. She was well-received in her new class. But despite her first popularity, she remained the same insecure girl who is afraid that her new friends will dislike her true face – and she will once again become an object of abuse.

True Beauty hides the actual scars of Korean society behind a beautiful mask. For example, school bullying, obsession with perfect looks, and teenage suicide. It only hides it because all these acute topics are tangentially marked here, in the background. Whereas at the center of the plot is the classic love triangle of the main character, played by Moon Ga-yeon, and her two suitors, played by Cha Eun-woo and Hwang In-yeop. They were both so good that the audience was evenly divided into two camps and cheered for their favorites.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Angel Dan is in the business of escorting cats and dogs to their last journey. He is strictly forbidden to interfere in people’s lives. But once he saved a girl from death. For this, the Heavenly Office assigns him a punishment: either find a soul mate for this girl, or turn to ashes himself. Finding love for the former ballerina Lee Young-so is hard – after an accident. she became blind and lost all the people close to her. That’s why Young-so has become rather cynical and withdrawn. Angel does everything to restore the heroine’s passion for life, dancing, and most importantly, helping her learn to love again.

If you close your eyes to the angels shooting revolvers, “Angel’s Last Mission” is a classic Korean romance in a good way. There’s the touching story of the characters’ bond since childhood, the love between the indifferent boss and the lovable subordinate, and the self-sacrifice for the sake of another. The story, which begins as a lighthearted comedy, smoothly flows into drama and brings the viewer to tears in the last episodes.

Her Private Life

Sung-dok-mi, the curator of an art gallery, has a secret that she carefully hides from her colleagues. She is a devoted fan of Cha Shi-an from a boy band. Her house is covered with posters of the singer, and there’s even a full-length cardboard figure of him. In short, she spends all her free time adoring Shi-an. One day a new overseas director Ryan Gold, a former painter and art connoisseur, joins her art gallery. He accidentally finds out about the heroine’s secret but decides to keep quiet about it.

An ocean of romance and a lot of fun – that’s what awaits the viewers of the drama. The drama is undeniably dramatic, with a moving storyline that relates to childhood trauma. Park Min-young has a bright and unusual persona, and her character is a real professional at work and a raging fan at home. And Kim Jae-wook perfectly embodied the director – cold on the outside but timid and sensual on the inside.

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