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Ankita Dave is an Indian-origin actress who is famous (or infamous, as many would call it) because of her MMS video that went up and broke the internet in 2017. In this article, we will be deliberating in detail their biography and the list of Indian web series, many of which have received positive reviews for her performances. 

It is imperative to note here that all the web series that will go out through this article are rated as adult for the viewership and are 18+.

Birth Details

Ankita Dave was born in the state of Gujarat on 3rd June in the year 1993. Born into a Brahmin family in Rajkot, Gujarat, Ankita is particularly close to her mother, Sonal Dave. As a testament to the same, we get to see her pictures on Instagram quite often. She also has a younger sibling, namely Gautam Dave. She also has a couple of tattoos inked on her back and wrist.  

Ankita is an actress by profession and has quite a huge following on her social media accounts. Her Instagram handle of Ankita is adorned with pictures of celebrities, the likes of Ayushmann Khurrana, Alia Bhatt, Akshay Kumar, and so on. Ankita has also appeared in quite a lot of music videos and has done many advertisements as well. To top all of that, the actress is also an ardent dancer.

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Body Measurements

If we talk about her height, Ankita measures 5 feet and has a body weight of around 50 kilograms. The actress dons brown eyes and long black hair. Her body measurements are as follows:- 36-28-36.

Education and Early Career

Ankita completed her bachelor’s in the field of Mathematics from the University of Mumbai. She gained a lot of popularity after her video went viral, and her followers on social media began to multiply rapidly. 2017 marked the year in which she made her first appearance in a music video with Sunny Arya. 

Although she received a lot of flak from her followers since the poster she posted had her name written incorrectly. She also featured in the song “O Maa” alongside Sunny, which was sung by Sambhav Jain and Alka Yagnik.


In the year 2017, an MMS, popularly known among the masses as ’10 minute video’, broke the internet. According to the video, Ankita Dave was seen being involved in an incestuous relationship with her brother, Gautam Dave. This led to a wave of negative criticism from her followers.

Let us now dive straight into the web series in which she has played parts. 

Gachi Web Series

This is the story of a remote village where women are tortured a lot. The plot revolves around the lives of a few concubines. All the men in the village get to meet them even if they are committed through the sacred bond of marriage. As the wives ask for justice, they get brutally punished. Will women also get equality like that man in the village?

Teri Khata

One of Ankita Dave’s most underrated masterpieces is likely Teri Khata. The web series’ time of release is one of the reasons why it was overlooked. If you ask us, this is a web series one must spend some time on.

Zid – Hotshots Originals

Web Series Zid revolves around two women’s lives. A wealthy widow is seeking a long-lasting love affair. Her hairdresser visualizes living a lavish life in the future. They make a bold decision that forever alters their respective lives.

Singardaan – Ullu Web Series

Gupta ji, a streetwalker who falls in love with Shabnam, is the protagonist in Singardaan. Shabnam owns a cosmetics case. However, after she passes away, Guptaji takes the case in his possession. His wife and daughter become streetwalkers after opening the case. In order to save his wife and daughter, Gupta ji now embarks on an eccentric adventure which only time will reveal where it will lead him.

Mere Angane Main – Kooku App

The plot of Mere Angane Main revolves around the life of a newly wedded couple. The wife keeps extending the special day for the sake of her pooja. Things take a turn as her friend stays with them. The husband accidentally gets intimate with the new girl. Can the truth be buried under the carpet for long?

Mere Angane Main cast includes Rekha Mona Sarkar in the lead role. This is a Kooku web series content.

Siddhu – Jollu Originals

In command of a resort in ECR-Chennai is Sidhu, a villager. He persistently gives his clients the best amenities possible while cutting down costs. Two couples (Mervin-Ankita and Dhara-Aadhi) set out on their weekend escape to ECR, but they are unable to reach the resort’s reservation manager via call. Thus, they become confined on the road.

Nagar Vadhu – Hot Hit Originals

The series is based, as the name would infer, in the village where Ankita Dave first had the chance to portray the ideal sister-in-law. Nagar Vadhu is a Bold-Drama Web Series, and the story of which revolves around a married woman name Pavitra. Her carnal desires make her commit to such deeds that elevate her status from a Vadhu to Nagar Vadhu.

Chicken Curry – Kooku App

Released in May 2021, the series centers on a married couple in which the wife is blind, and her husband consistently treats her poorly because of her condition. Ankita appears only for one episode in this series and hence plays just a cameo in this one.

Matakni Ke Matke – Rabbit Web Series

This web series’ main character, Matkani, is a 20-year-old female around which the narrative revolves. Matkani claims that she wants to get married and roam with someone. Because she is a girl and enjoys relationships with other men, this girl is conventionally far from everyone else who likes to have a male counterpart.

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