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The man who sued god- Will he get anything from this? Or it’ll just hurt people’s religious sentiments? 

Blind faith is always harmful whether it is related to people or religion, you have seen this in the series Ashram about how some people misuse the trust of others who believe in god and in religion.

But Here’s a movie that may have the potential to hurt your religious sentiments, even so, the arguments presented in the movie are actually correct and something to be thinking about. I bet you are also thinking about OMG: Oh My God! 

The movie was released in 2012 and was inspired by Billy Collony’s film; The Man Who Sued God. So if you are looking to know more about this movie and get links to it about where to watch and download it in premium quality, here’s everything you should know. 

The Storyline of the Movie OMG: Oh My God! 

The story revolves around Kanji Lal Mehta, a middle-class atheist, and a Gujarati businessman. Ironically, him being an atheist, he has a shop of Hindu idols and antiques in Mumbai. One can see him mocking the Hindu religious activities, but his family members aren’t like him, they believe in god with their whole heart. 

One day due to an earthquake, Kanji’s shop is destroyed and nothing is left. He claims that this shop was his everything and visits the bank for the same. The insurance officers tell him that this is an act of god that is not under anyone’s control and they can’t grant him the claim. 

There he realizes that God did this to him and only him and that is why no one else’s shop was ruined or even affected a bit. Regarding this, he sues god and asks him for the money and property back that he lost. This leads to a massive issue as he has attacked the Hindu community directly. 

The movie keeps on taking some unexpected turns as it moves forward, but that’s something you will have to watch and experience yourself. 

Watch OMG: Oh My God! Trailer now-

The Overview of the Movie OMG: Oh My God! 

Genre Satirical comedy drama 
Language Hindi 
Directed By Umesh Shukla 
Produced By Akshay Kumar 
Written By Umesh Shukla 
Release Date 28 September 2012
IMDb Rating 8.1

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The Star Cast Details of the Movie OMG: Oh My God!

Actors Character Details 
Mithun ChakrabortyLeeladhar Read 
Akshay Kumar Krishna Vasudev Yadav Read 
Paresh Rawal Kanji Read 
Om Puri Advocate Hanif Read 
Mahesh Manjrekar Advocate Sardesai Read 
Govind NamdevSedheshwar Maharaj Read 

Where to Watch the Movie OMG: Oh My God! in HD?

The movie is available to watch and download in premium quality on the OTT channel, Netflix. Hence, stream into your account and watch this exceptional movie in no time. Here’s the link to it-

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google play movies

apple tv

But if you can’t get access to the movie through its original platform, you may look for it on torrent sites like- Kuttymovies, filmygod, tamilblaster, KickAss, SkyMovies HD, and others. 

Before you move ahead or undertake any steps further, let me make you familiar with such platforms and tell you what they actually are and how they work. These are all illegal and illicit sites that one should stay away from. They leak the content unethically and provide them to the public without any authorization from the public. 

This is why we advise our readers to steer clear of any such site in all possible ways and only opt for legal and ethical platforms that would not land you in any legal trouble. 

Disclaimer: All the information above is solely for knowledgeable purposes and nothing more or less than that. We are only here to make our readers aware of all this. We do not by any chance promote or support the use of any illegal pirated site or platform. 

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