Gatta Kusthi OTT Release Date, OTT Platform, Date, Time, And More

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Gatta Kusthi OTT Releases Date: Many splendid movies having wonderful plots have been released this year. Whether it’s the historical story of Ponniyin Selvan II, the sacrifice of Indian youngsters in Bhaarteeyans, or Pawan Kalyan’s fantasy comedy film Bro, among the list of standout movies of this year, a movie titled ‘Gatta Kusthi’ also comes that released at the year’s beginning. 

This movie revolves around two opposite duos who tie the knot together, leading to a change in their perspectives on each other. It stars the fabulous actor Vishnu Vishal who shared the screen with the gorgeous actress Aishwarya Lekshmi. Moreover, some of the talented actors, including Karunas, Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat, Redin Kingsley, Hareesh Peradi, and Ajay, appeared as supportive characters in this movie.

Gatta Kusthi OTT Release Date

The thrilling movie Gatta Kusthi was released on December 2, 2022, and took the internet by storm due to its breathtaking action scenes. Seeing the excitement of the movie-buffs, the production house didn’t even delay releasing it on OTT, and just after a month, the movie Gatta Kusthi OTT release date was locked on the first day of January 2023. 

If you want to witness the amazing plot and action of this movie in high resolution, you can buy a subscription package to the Gatta Kusthi OTT platform according to your budget. 


The story begins with a Tamil boy named Veera who is in search of a bride who matches his taste. He believes that a wife should be less educated than her husband, have no career goals, be obedient and calm, and be devoted to her husband. 

On the other side, the female protagonist of this movie, Keerthi is totally opposite of what he wants. She is a short-tempered and well-educated girl who wants to become a wrestler. She lives in Kerala with her family, who want her to marry, but she is more focused on wrestling competitions. 

Once her father gets a heart attack and the circumstances make her agree to marry. Keerthi’s uncle calls Veera to her home and asks her to lie to him and transform herself according to his taste. Keerthi dress-up beautifully with long hair extensions and appears in front of him. Veera likes her at first sight and offers a proposal for marriage. 

Keerthi accepts his proposal as he refuses to take dowry. After the marriage, she has to hide her real identity and keeps on struggling with her hair extension. Additionally, she tries to control her anger whenever Veera shows his misogynist personality. 

But as it is rightly said, truth can’t be hidden for long; Keerthi gets exposed during a fight between Veera and Dass. In order to save her husband, Keerthi gets into a fight and beats the person named Dass brutally. At that moment, her hair extension falls off. 

It’s a shocking scene for Veera. To know what happens next, scroll this article to the bottom and learn about the Gatta Kusthi OTT platform to stream this movie. 

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Cast & Crew

ActorsCharacters Details
Vishnu VishalVeeraRead
Aishwarya LekshmiKeerthiRead
Kaali VenkatSattanathanRead
Redin KingsleyTemple Donation Group ChiefRead
Sreeja RaviKeerthi’s motherRead
Hareesh PeradiKodangiRead
Lizzie AntonyRatnam’s wifeRead


‘Some marriages are made in heaven. Some marriages are made in wrestling rings.’ This caption was quoted by Netflix while premiering the trailer of the movie Gatta Kusthi. 

Watch Gatta Kusthi Movie Trailer Now-

Presented by Red Giants Movies, this trailer was released about 7 months ago and received 1.3  million views. We can observe in the comments that the female protagonist’s action sequence has been more praised than that of the male lead. 

Gatta Kusthi Movie OTT Release Date, Digital and Satellite Rights

Gatta Kusthi OTT PlatformNetflix
Gatta Kusthi OTT Release Date1 January 2023
Theatrical Release Date2 December 2022
DirectorChella Ayyavu
StarringVishnu Vishal, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Karunas, Munishkanth, Kaali Venkat, Redin Kingsley, Hareesh Peradi, Ajay
Film IndustryTollywood

Gatta Kusthi Movie OTT Platform (Digital Rights)

Netflix welcomed the action-comedy movie Gatta Kusthi this year. Yup!, Gatta Kusthi OTT right has been purchased by Netflix, and this movie is available to watch in Tamil and Telugu on it. 

The public announcement of Gatta Kusthi OTT release date was made a month after its theatrical release. Fans who have missed the chance to watch this movie on the big screen can buy a subscription to this platform and stream it on Netflix. 


Ans: The movie Gatta Kusthi is based on a sports theme and shows various hilarious scenes. You can enjoy this movie with your family and friends.

Ans: Yes, the movie Gatta Kusthi is available on the worldwide popular platform, Netflix. You can visit this OTT platform anytime to watch this movie and can also explore many other exciting movies and web series on it.

Ans: The dashing Tamil actor Vishnu Vishal and the lovely actress Aishwarya Lekshmi played the lead roles in Gatta Kusthi.

Ans: Gatta Kusthi OTT release date was declared on 1 January 2023, a month after its theatrical release.

Ans: The movie Gatta Kusthi depicts that women deserve equal status in society and they also have the right to live their lives to the fullest.

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